A New Milestone on 2022

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It’s definitely a new status and a milestone for me as a Jewelry designer!


On year 2017, I walked out from the world of electronics, resigning as Global Key Account Manager, and started my new life with jewelry.


Other than many jewelry designers, I chose to study abroad in Japan for language learning instead of art or design.  Then, after the graduation and acquired the first-level qualification of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test in Japan, I entered to the Japanese enterprise and worked for Sales & Business Development.


Before 2017, I could only start jewelry design and enrolling the gemstone courses in my spare time.  So, designing jewelry and making pottery art were only my hobby at the beginning, and never imagined that it would be possible to this day!



A review of the awards over these years :




[The 23rd Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition 2022]


At the Open Group (Finished Jewellery) : 

- "The dream of butterfly" (Best of Show Award)



[The 22nd Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition 2021]


At the Open Group (Finished Jewellery) : 

- "Follow the wind" (Best of Show Award and The Craftsmanship & Technology Award)   



[Hong Kong Fei Cui Design Biennial Contest 2019]


At the Open Group (Finished Jewellery) | Retail price at or over US$10,000 :

- "Dew Freshness" (2nd Runner-up)


At the Open Group (Finished Jewellery) | Retail price under US$10,000 :

- "Blessed Gourd" (1st Runner-up)

- "Ancient Chinese Fan" (2nd Runner-up)






1 Comment(s)

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