Shopping Tips

We believe the jewelry collectors or lovers have a certain experience and their own preference for buying jewelry, but not for some customers who have less experience. In addition to shopping at the reputable shops, through the salesman who has knowledge, the purchase comes with a jewelry certificate should be the most practical.  

In order to let our customers to shop more easily and safer, our items will basically be provided additionally with a certificate (for the main gem stone) which is issued by a recognised laboratory.  And, how to verify the certificate and its contents, is the most important knowledge for customers.


Firstly, you must clear about the authenticity of certificate. Admittedly, the certificate itself could be forged.

For the diamonds or gem stones, according to the wholesales process which is established, the stones in good quality almost have already obtained a certificate when they arrived in Hong Kong. And therefore, our shop will only source the stones with the certificate issued by the recognized international laboratory.

In addition, we will have items with Jades certified by the local Hong Kong accredited or recognized laboratory, based on the whole piece of jewelry when the production is completed.

The accredited laboratory mentioned above which is registered in the Hong Kong Government followed by the ISO standard (ISO/IEC17025). Including the test standard, test method, and the engineer who issued certificate shall be all accredited, and regularly audited by the Hong Kong Government.

A valid certificate should come with a certificate number. In accordance with the certification system for different laboratories, consumer should be able to check online or by telephone for the contents of certificate by the certificate number. For Diamond, most of the laboratories will additionally laser print the certificate number on the girdle of diamond.

Regarding to the contents of certificate, it should firstly check with the authenticity of stone, and it is natural or not. Then, further confirm if the done has been applied with any kind of treatments. No matter diamonds or gem stones are possible to have done laser, Filling or heat treatment, in order to improve its clarity or color.



Believe that the Diamond 4C rating should be well known by most of consumers. Here we talk about the synthetic diamond or gemstones which are produced in the laboratory (chemical composition or physical properties including hardness are same as the natural diamonds or gems).

Basically, the synthetic diamonds or gemstones cannot be distinguished by naked eyes, they should be only judged by the instrument in the laboratory.

Even though the natural diamond, it could be improved for its clarity or color, through the manual treatment. To improve the color, the heat treatment for gemstones is actually acceptable. However, the brightly colored gems with totally no treatment are more rare in recent years, and more gem customers are specifically looking for them.

For the gemstones with heat treatment, it is difficult to distinguish by the naked eyes too. We shall apply some tools including color filter, and further judge by the instruments in laboratory.  There will be an indication on the certificate, to show the observation of treatment which is applied to the diamond or the gemstone. Therefore, customer should clearly understand the contents and details in the certificate.  

In the market, there are many similar products to Jadeite Jade.

Even the natural jade, it is very difficult to rate its quality as Diamond 4C does, because of too many different varieties and color changes for Jadeite Jade. But at least, consumer can purchase the Jadeite Jade by checking the certificate if it’s indicating the item is natural, with no any treatment.

The process of treatment for Jadeite Jade is difference from normal Gemstone. Generally, strong acid and other chemicals will be applied to make a loose stone, then the resin or color will be further injected. Depends on the human body, it could be adversely affected if the this kind of Jadeite Jade (with treatment) will be long-term wore. For this reason, after the confirmation of natural jade, must then verify if the jade without any treatment before purchase.

As one of our commitments, the Jadeite jades we used have also no treatment. As mentioned above, the testing methods and standards offered by the Hong Kong local laboratories are all registered in Hong Kong government. To ensure our certificates are hundred percent true, we will have our jewelry with the Jadeite Jade tested and certified by the laboratory after the production. 

Due to some of jewelry shops in the market are selling the jades with treatment, whenever you purchase the jade jewelry, you should check the certificate very carefully with the indications.

The following is the various indication for different treatments :

A - completely without any treatment
B - with resin injection treatment
C – with artificially coloring treatment
B + C – with the resin injection and coloring treatment