Soap Bubbles - Pendant

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Remember the days when I was a child, simple and beautiful. Even though I can’t swim, I could play with the water and soap bubbles under the summer sun. The fragile things are often pretty ! The soap bubbles emit a rainbow-liked lustre under the sunshine, as the aurora liked overtone of the Pearls. It's so attractive!

Few months ago, I have visited the Pearl Farm in Hong Kong, and brought back few Akoya Pearls which harvested from Hong Kong Sea.

And then, also selected a series of Silver Akoya Pearls with the same Blue-Green overtone from Japan.

Excepted the Japanese Akoya pearls, the one from Hong Kong has also became a part of my creation now.

How fantastic ?! We have our Hong Kong designer, Hong Kong craftsmanship, and have our Hong Kong Akoya Pearls.

(Excepted the IGI certificate, an identity report individually for the Hong Kong Pearl will be attached.)

Under the same collection, we do have the earrings too ! 



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