Ribbon in Red

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Jewels And Me series collects different kinds of rare gems, and set up our own design jewellery by mixing many different gems. To continue our pervious design of Ribbon Earrings, we have made the Ribbon Ring this time.

The gemstones in Red again, but this time, Rubelite from Madagascar is applied. Rubelite is not a Ruby, but a type of Tourmaline. The majority of Tourmaline in red are dark with black, only the bright and shining red can be called Rubelite.

The ribbon is set with white diamonds (0.61ct.) and rubies (0.42ct.), with the Pear Cut Rubelite (1.98ct.). In order to make the most beautiful work, we have selected the Rubelite came from Madagascar, which the color is bright and beautiful.

The unique feature of this design is that the Ribbon can be worn as a ring, and also can be put on the diamond bangle, then you can change anytime whenever you want.


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