Peach Blossom

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From Design to Creation ! Another Gem Stone Series under Sharon Yuen - Jewels And Me 2019 New Collection [Peach Blossom].

Peach Blossom, choosing the coldest days of the year to bloom, is like saying that I am beautiful, but not weak.

According to the tradition of Chinese, Peach Blossom symbolizes auspicious, and good relation with people.  Also it blooms in the coldest days of the year which also represents the infinite vitality.

In order to enrich the color of Peach Blossom, the core and petals are set with Pink Sapphires, a 1.14ct. Unheated Pink Sapphire in the center which is Natural Pink color with certificate. The three-dimensional shape of the petals are elegant and feminine, but the branches bring out a toughness of the Peach Blossom.


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