Looking back after 10years

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Look back to 2023, it was a very important year for Sharon.


She started to get in touch with minerals from 2013.  And after 10 years, she decided to go back to school to continue study and obtained the exam of FGA Gemological Diploma, granted by The Gemological Association of Great Britain.


Sharon is not from a jewelry family.  In the first half of her life, she entered the Japanese electronics Industry after studying in Japan.  And then, she had continued for more than 10 years.  From 2013, she started to study minerals in her spare time, she obtained the DGA Diamond Diploma and Diploma of Jadeite Jade.  After completing the FGA Foundation Certificate course in 2017, she resigned from her day work, and established her own company and brand.  Then, changed to a Jewelry Designer officially from an office lady.


In the new year, Sharon crowned herself an additional role of Gemstone professional.  But her original intention remains the same.  Her dream is not only to become a jewelry designer, but also hopes to make the Jade jewelry more popular through her unique design and knowledge.  Also, let more people understand and recognise Jadeite Jade. 


The days ahead Sharon wishes to continue to make more beautiful jewelry design for Jadeite and bring her best piece to everyone.


FGA Graduation Ceremony at year 2023

The 23rd Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition at year 2021

The 22nd Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition at year 2020

Hong Kong Fei Cui Design Biennial Contest at year 2019

Radio Interview by RTHK at year 2020

First time cross-over with local Jadeite Brand - Chinese Arts & Crafts at year 2021.

TV Interview by ViuTV HK at year 2021

Singapore International Jewelry Expo at year 2022

Radio Interview by 881903.com at year 2023

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