Late Autumn

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Enjoy the autumn cool while appreciating the unique color of autumn.  Trees are slowly changing their clothes into red, there are not many greens left, and it is the color of autumn.


The creation is designed in autumn tones, set with high quality natural Burmese Jades, which are highly translucent bright and intense color.  Also, white Diamond 0.70ct. and Yellow Sapphire 0.11ct.


Another special feature for the pendant is, a 18K gold rings is also equipped as a whole set, so that the pendant can be changed to a ring any time for free matching.


Remarks :


- A Hong Kong Jade A Jade Certificate will be provided.

- The item does not include necklace, the necklace in the picture is only for the purpose of taking pictures

- Ring is included and the ring size can be changed once for free. (Ring size : 14)










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