Love Candy

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It's time to change your jewellery for a new season!

No more intense colour, have a refreshing and sweet look now.


The natural Aquamarine and Morganite, which belong to the same family of Emerald, also have the pastel tones, shinny and translucently bright which is the best choice for this summer.  Put on the candy liked sweet Aquamarine and Morganite to make your look fresher and younger.


This design has mixed with a variety of gemstones.  In addition to Aquamarine and Morganite, also set with a large number of white Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and Pink sapphires.


As same as our other designer pieces, each of the gemstone on the item is also selected by our designer, and hand-made by our local Hong Kong craftsmen to ensure the quality.


The creation is set with Aquamarine 3.17ct. (1PC) & 1.43ct. (1PC), Morganite 3.25ct. (1PC) & 1.42ct. (1PC), also Blue Sapphire 0.36ct., Ruby 0.35ct. Diamond 0.63ct. Aquamarine (Round) 0.47ct. and Pink Sapphire 0.60ct.








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