Jewelry Making Process II

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【Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong - Goldsmithing Industry】

Jewelry Making Process (Episode 2: Stone Selection Process)


【What is Blood Diamond?】


When it comes to the word "Blood Diamond", do you imagine it would be bright red? In fact, blood diamond is not describing its color, but telling us a cruel and bloody story.


Blood diamonds are also known as "Conflict Diamonds". They are collected in war zones such as Africa and then monopolized by guerrillas or anti-government forces. They are smuggled and sold for huge profits, in exchange for arms and wars, resulting in more innocent casualties.


In order to solve the problem of blood diamonds, the United Nations has established the " Kimberley Process Certification Scheme for Rough Diamonds" to monitor the country of origin and the supply chain of diamonds to prevent blood diamonds from mixing into the market and cut off or reduce long-term wars in these areas.


Sharon Yuen -The Art Of Jadeite has always been concerned about the issue of blood diamonds.  All diamonds purchased have passed the "Kimberley Process Certification Scheme for Rough Diamonds" and sourced from legal channels. After our specialist selected and purchased the diamonds, Sharon will check again their quality including its color and clarity.  Before we pass them to our craftsman, will also check again the dimension, quality and its weight, which are required by the jewelry piece. 


After that, our craftsman will inlay them one by one by hand to ensure that the most perfect jewelry pieces are set with the best quality and most secure diamonds.


Lets come to Sharon Yuen's workshop, and see the process of stone selection !


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