Jewelry Making Process I

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【Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong - Goldsmithing Industry】

Jewelry Making Process (The first episode of brooch making)


Insist on hand-made by Hong Kong craftsmen


In order to reduce costs, most of the jewelry shops in Hong Kong have shifted their production to China in these years.  So, many local jewelry workshops have been closed one after another, and craftsmen have to change their careers. But our designer Sharon Yuen insists to has every of our piece "Made in HK!", hand-made by our Hong Kong craftsmen one by one, to create unique and perfect piece.


We have introduced about the craftsmanship of "Jade Carving" in our blog before, excepted the Jade Carving, "Goldsmithing" has also changed from one of the major industries in Hong Kong to another surviving craftsmanship today.


The production steps of making a jewelry are complicated.  In the early stage, it is necessary to mold and cast gold, use CAD computer graphics to design, make wax molds, and lost wax casting; in the mid-term, the jewelry starts to be inlaid with gemstones; in the later stage, the jewelry needs to be polished again and gold-plated.


Every piece of jewelry requires very fine craftsmanship,  even a deviation of 1 mm in the assembly of jewelry parts will greatly affect the appearance.  So, Sharon believes that the hands of our local craftsmen should never be replaced by "Machine"!



【Early stage : Jewelry casting]

-CAD diagram preparing

-Wax mold making

-Lost wax casting


【Mid stage : Jewelry Fabrication】

-Fixing the mold and Pre-polishing

-Assembly and Soldering



Lets come to Sharon Yuen's workshop !



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