Spring Dragonfly

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From material sourcing to design, and production, every stone and every curved line of gold recorded the growth of our piece.

Seeing the piece taking shape step by step makes us full of expectations! And we hope everyone can also see the story of our work and feel the warmth of it too.


Our first piece in 2024 brings you a little Dragonfly to welcome the early of spring.


Dragonflies in spring should be “Green”.   In additional to the Icy Jadeites that we used to make the piece more brightly and translucently, also we specially selected Green Jadeites with Tsavorites to order to add more colors.


Dragonflies play an important role in nature. They prey on a large number of pests in nature and are very important to the entire ecology.

Therefore, we look forward to the scene of spring blooming after the cold winter is over.


The pendant comes with a pin at the back, that can be used as a brooch (necklace not included).  It is made of 18K white gold, and set with natural green Icy Jadeite in bean shaped and colorless Icy Jadeite cabochons from Myanmar.

















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