Queen Anne's Lace

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Life's little blessings may just from a flower!


Not pursuing any big achievements, just want to make some surprises for daily life. And the surprise we made for you today is exactly this flower.


The lace-like “Queen Anne’s lace” features elegant and delicate appearance.  But behind her delicate appearance, she actually does not need too much care. “Queen Anne’s lace”, which can grow in the wild, has even been recorded as being used medicinally in Europe.


While showing gentleness elegantly, it can also play its role when you need it.


The work is inspired by "Queen Anne’s lace". It can be worn as pendant or brooch, set with natural Green Jadeites (3PCS) and Colorless Icy Jadeites (4PCS).  Also set with Rubies 0.20ct. and natural Diamonds 0.521ct.










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