Fruit Tree

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Our jadeite designs are inspired by the nature, excepted the different kinds of flower, how can there be no "trees"?


The small fruit trees are fully set with rubies and jadeite jades, just like the fruits on trees.  Absorbing the moisture of rain and sunlight, those fruits are turning from fresh green to ripe.


In order to have more layers and volumes, the back of the earrings is also inlaid with gemstones, so we can enjoy the colorful gems and its sparkle on both the front and the back.


The earrings are set with 1pair of Pear shaped natural green Jadeite Jades, and 4pcs of Jadeite cabochons.  Also, Ruby cabochons 6.567CT., Diamond Pear cut 0.14CT., and Round cut 0.515CT.









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