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Stepping into the winter, step into the white world.

Flowers are almost covered by snow and the dews are frozen, the color of nature is changing to purely white.


Instead of the colorful tone, our designer just used a single color tone, which is the bright green of Tsavorite to match with Icy Jadeite and white Diamonds, bring out a different kind of elegance for the work.


A pair of earrings with asymmetric design for its left and right can be combined into a pendant.  Also, it can be worn as a brooch too as a pin is equipped at the back.  Additionally, a pair of ear studs set with Tsavorite is included too, which can be used as a set when changing the earrings to a pendant or brooch.


Excepted 5pcs of colourless Icy Jadeite and the 4pcs of small green Jadeite cabochons, and also set with white Diamonds 2.5ct. and Tsavorites 2.23ct. in total.


Remarks :

  • The approx. length of earrings is about 50mm.
  • A certificate for Natural Jadeite Jades issued by HK local recognised lab will be provided.
  • A pair of ear-studs set with Tsavorite (round cut) is included.
  • The item does not include necklace.  The 18K gold chain in the picture is for photo-shooting.










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