Dew Freshness

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Creation : Dew Freshness - 2nd Runner-up

Open Group for Finished Jewellery (Retail price at or over US$10,000)


This masterpiece had been prepared for several months from sourcing gemstones to the setting. It it our honor to receive the 2nd Runner-up of the 2019 Hong Kong Fei Cui Design Biennial Contest.

The creation is set with a variety of different gem stones. In addition to green icy Jadeite jades, the white South Sea pearls, and Japanese AKOYA white pearls. There are also a large number of white diamonds, green tsavorites and rubies.

The rain moistened the earth. After the rain, the crystal liked dew is dropping to a frog under the leaf, this beautiful picture which made people feel fresh and feel like being in the nature. Let's feel the peace and comfort of nature with our designer.


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