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To step into June, a few weeks of rain seem to be preparing us for the start of summer.

For this summer, we have also prepared a series of designs with blue floral collection. Let’s paint this summer with Blue!


The first item to appear is the multifunctional Sapphire ring that we have been planning for many months.


One of the main stones is a natural Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka. The color is graded as Cornflower Blue, so the work is named as Cornflower.


The Ceylon Sapphires are known as good quality and clarity, they cover a wide range of hues.


Excepted the Sapphire, another main stone of the ring is natural Aquamarine.  The two main stones are set off with Japanese baby Akoya pearls which soften the rich cornflower blue and create a fancy light tone for the work.


Also, in addition to the use of different gemstones, another feature of the ring is that the flowers on both sides can be detached and converted into ear-studs with our special pins.


From discussion to repeated attempts, our local production team has took several months to work out the new technique.  The designer's unique ideas, coupled with the craftsman's excellent craftsmanship, created an exquisite and multi-functional work that you love.












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