Colourful Days

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Although the top-grade Ruby and Sapphires are known for their bright and intense color, the soft “Pastel Color” series of sapphires are equally popular and be loved.


Collecting the different color tones and sizes of sapphire, and then rearranging a series of collection from dark to light color, the work perfectly showcases the beauty of the Color Sapphires.


More than 8ct., total 32pcs of mixed color sapphires came from Sri-Lanka, are hand-set by our craftsmen one by one.  In addition to being a pendant and ring, the pendant can also be used as a Jacket, can be attached with different main stones, to create more different combinations.


The work is made of 18K gold, set with 8.09ct Natural Color Sapphires, 0.379ct of Rubies, and 1.298ct of Natural White Diamonds.














Remarks : The item does not include any necklace or extra Gemston.


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