Calla Lily

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When Pearls meet Jadeites!

The famous Tahitian black pearls come in different overtones, special colors such as cherry or green, which make the pearl look brighter and more charming.


The design is inspired by the elongated line of the “Calla lily".

"Calla-lily represents the eternal love, and it is one of the most popular flowers in bride’s wedding bouquet.

There is a piece of green Tahitian black pearl hidden beside the pure white Calla-lily, and then delicately embellished with green jadeites, which further brings out the elegance of the work.


This brooch can be also changed to the pendant, and this work is set with 11.3mm Tahitian Black Pearl (with green tone), 5pcs of natural green Jadeites, Marquise cut & Pear cut Diamonds 0.314ct., Round cut Diamonds 0.87ct., and also Round cut Black Diamonds 0.48ct.









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