Blessed Gourd

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Creation : Blessed Gourd - 1st Runner-up

Open Group for Finished Jewellery (Retail price under US$10,000)


Very surprise that we have additionally received the 1st Runner-up of the 2019 Hong Kong Fei Cui Design Biennial Contest.

This is another piece that we designed for our new series - Ancient China in 2019.


In ancient China, men or women also worn accessory as the decoration to their cloths.  Many of them are worn on the chest or on the waist.   

We have referred to the favourited shape of accessory on the ancients, and matched with the gourd-shaped Red Jadeite which is representing auspicious and lucky. Chinese believe that the gourd is full of blessings, and our designer though there are endless treasures in the gourd.


The creation is set with the red jadeite and white diamonds, the contrast between red and white is shape and bright.








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