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More forward under Adversity with the “Wind”


Hong Kong Jewelry Designer – Sharon Yuen, established her designer brand with the Jadeite Jade as the main theme.  In these few years, she has won various international awards.  Recently, her Jadeite Jade design “Follow the wind” is also shortlisted for the [22nd Hong Kong Jewelry Design Competition], by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.  However, she has actually never plan to enter the Jewelry industry from the beginning.


Persevere with interest, continuous study to win awards

Sharon’s major in college was very different from Jewelry design, and she worked in the Electronic industry after graduation.  Before being exposed to the Jewelry industry, Sharon spent several years studying and working in Japan.  After returning to Hong Kong, she had entered to large Japanese enterprise directly.

Although her job is dealing with the electronic products daily, she still loves art, and started designing jewelry for her own and creating ceramic art in her spare time.

From year 2012, Sharon officially learnt about the gemstones, firstly completed the Diamond Diploma, then the Gemmology Certificate which were granted by The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, also a Diploma of Jadeite Jade, granted by The Hong Kong Institute of Gemmology. 

Though the years of continuous trying and self-learning for jewelry design, she established her brand and setup the showroom at year 2017, then she immediately became an award-winning designer at 2019, her achievements were highly affirmed.


Love Jadeite Jade the most, the variety of color of Jades is challenging

Sharon’s designs are all related to the natural, she puts a lot of element from animal or plant to her design and trying to form a fresh and elegant style.  Other than the materials which are more well-known such as Diamond, Ruby or Sapphire, she is more in love with Jade : “Because Jade has more different colors and varieties, it is more challenging in design and production.  There are not many designers who mainly design for Jade in Hong Kong, I hope that it can let more people know about Jade and its value for appreciation, Jadeite Jade is not only in green or colorless, but also purple, yellow, amber and red, etc.”


The finalist of the "22nd Hong Kong Jewelry Design Competition" this time, " Follow the Wind" is made by three of fans, the one with full of flowers and sun is the main body of the necklace.  The fan represents the invisible wind and the pearl represents sun, meaning to say that you will find the warm sunshine by following the wind.  She shared her attitude towards life: to get out of the dark, apart from keep working hard, the spiritual comfort is also important.



The fans in the both sides set with very unique Jadeite Jade in Black.  Generally, the production process of high-end jewelry takes several months, and the production of this jewelry piece has taken even more than 5 months. 

In order to stick to the original design, Sharon has purchased the rough of Jadeite directly, and asked the Jade carving workshop to cut and polish.  It can be said that there is no compromise for the required dimension’s accuracy.  Any tolerance or error is happened for any process, the whole piece could be needed to re-build.  Went through many corrections and modifications, the masterpiece is finally done.




3-ways to be worn, a combination of the concept and practicality

In order to make the concept of the work manifest practically, Sharon also spent a long time making the work into a necklace with at least three ways to wear.   The fan with pearl in the middle can be removed and changed to a ring.  And, the fans with Black Jades on the both sides can also be combined into another style of necklace.

The theme of this design competition is "Light. Shadow", and the winning works will have the opportunity to be exhibited at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Fair held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, to showcase the ingenuity of Hong Kong designers to jewelry buyers and jewellers from all over the world.


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