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SHOPPING AT sharon yuen jewelry design

Our goal is to provide our customer the stylish and quality jewelry.  We source the gems and make the jewelry based on our own design.  In order to ensure the quality, we have partnered with Hong Kong local manufacture and make sure most of the manufacturing processes for jewelry are completed in Hong Kong.   

Rather than Mass Production, we are making our jewelry piece by piece.  As most of our products are just made for 1pc only, we are trying to offer very limited quantity but more different designs.   By eliminating inventory risk, we are still able to offer our jewelry with good quality and in a reasonable price.

In Stock items are clearly marked with the stock quantity and they are ready for immediate shipment.

Delivery within Asia East (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, or Taiwan) generally takes place within one week of purchase.  For customers outside East Asia, delivery may take 2-3 days longer.  Excepted the delivery cost, customer who order from oversea (other than Hong Kong), please also select the insurance additionally for shipping.

On the other hand, customer may choose our Made-to-order service for the item which is sold out or out-of-stock.  This personalized tailor made service will enable us to deliver the jewelry which is just fit for you.  Normally, the jewelry will be ready in 4 weeks per your order.  

However, depend on the uniqueness of material, we may not able to process your order.  Therefore, for Made-to-order service, please kindly contact us at for enquiry.

Gift voucher

Gift Voucher is also available in our shop.  No matter for her birthday or any purpose, you can find the selection of Gift Voucher at the bottom of our site and give her a surprise!  By entering the Gift Voucher number, she can freely shop online whatever she like as using a cash coupon.