About Us

oUR artist | SHARON YUEN

Other than many Jewelry Designers, Sharon Yuen - She did not graduated from any fine art or Jewelry design course of famous college.  And also was not born in the jewelry family too.  In the school days, even though she loved art, she chose to study abroad in Japan for language and business learning.  After graduation, she entered to the Japanese enterprise likes other international students did.

However, she didn't give up art and creation, and started to design the jewelry on her own and making pottery creation after finishing the work in day-time.


Sharon has officially learnt about Gems in the evening since 2012.

Completed a Diamond Diploma (DGA), a Gemmology Certificate (FGA) which are granted by The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, also a Diploma of Jadeite Jade, granted by The Hong Kong Institute of Gemmology.

On the Hong Kong Fei Cui Design Biennial Contest 2019, she received her first award from the design competition.

At the Open Group (Finished Jewellery): Retail price at or over US$10,000 :

- "Dew Freshness" (2nd Runner-up)

At the Open Group (Finished Jewellery): Retail price under US$10,000 :

- "Blessed Gourd" (1st Runner-up)

- "Ancient Chinese Fan" (2nd Runner-up)


Though the years of continuous trying and self-learning for jewelry design, also the passion on creating jewelry, Sharon has developed the brand “Jewels And Me” on 2013 at the beginning, for the purpose of bringing her collections to people and officially making the custom-made jewelry for customers.  

On the January of 2017, opened a studio with Showroom in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon.  On 2018, our brand was renamed “SHARON YUEN", and "The Art Of Jadeite” was established to showcase her Jadeite Jade design, and “The Bridal Day @Jewels And Me” was extended for wedding jewelry.

OUR design

Our designs are all inspired by the nature, has perfectly blended between the classic and elegant.  We apply

different kinds of Jadeite Jade mixing with color gem stones on our creation, you will find the art of Jadeite from

our works.  Moreover, as most of the masterpieces are made for 1pc only, more can be said to be Unique for our

every creation.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide our customer the Fine and High Jewelry with Quality and Uniqueness.  We source the gems by our own and persist to make our jewelry based on our original design.  In order to ensure the quality, we partner with our Hong Kong local craftsman for a better quality control.  And, make sure that most of the important manufacturing processes for jewelry are completed in Hong Kong.   

Rather than Mass Production, we are trying to offer more different designs with limited quantity.  Most of our creations are just made for 1pc only.  However, by eliminating inventory risk, we are still able to offer our jewelry in a good quality with a reasonable price.