Shortlisted for The 23rd Jewelry Design Competition 2022

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 Persevere with interest, continuous study to win awards  



Hong Kong Jewelry Designer – Sharon Yuen, established her designer brand with the Jadeite Jade as the main theme.  In these few years, she has won various international awards. 


Recently, her Jadeite Jade design “The Dream of Butterfly” is shortlisted again for the [23rd Hong Kong Jewelry Design Competition], by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.  However, she has actually never plan to enter the Jewelry industry from the beginning.




Sharon has firstly completed the Diamond Diploma, then the Gemmology Certificate which were granted by The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, also a Diploma of Jadeite Jade, granted by The Hong Kong Insitute of Gemmology.


Though the years of continuous trying and self-learning for jewelry design, she established her brand and setup the showroom at year 2017, then she immediately became an award-winning designer at 2019, her achievements were highly affirmed.





Re-build production team, and challenge the design competition again


It is our great honor to be shortlised again for the HKTDC Jewelry Design Competition this year.  Thanks so much to our team who has given the great effort to complete this work.



2021 was definitely a difficult year for us.  The craftsman who have worked with us together for these years has retired, we had to re-start with a new craftsman.  A lot of time and effort we had spent for handover and solving different problems.



The process of overcoming the difficulties has made me feel once again that no matter how difficult the problem is, as long as we preservere, they must be finally solved.  Just like the theme of the 23rd Jewelry Design competition.  Sharon has used the evolution of a butterfly to express the message that the theme wants to bring out.




Because it’s impossible, we call it dream.

Butterflies cannot survive in the winter, but two of them dream of dancing on the snow and seeing the white world one day.

For this dream, they keep on evolving, finally got a pair of strong wing to overcome the wind and snow, and dreams finally come true.



"The Dream of Butterfly"


The finalist of the "23rd Hong Kong Jewelry Design Competition" this time, "The Dream of Butterfly" is brooch and made by two parts.  One part is the butterflies inlaid with Jadeite in black on the top. 

Under the butterflies, the lower part is the icicles inlaid with the colorless Icy Jadeites.  The Jadeites we used are all specially cut and polished according to our requirement.



3-ways to be worn, a combination of the concept and practicality


Two butterflies at the upper part can be separated from the brooch, and changed to a ring.  The jewelry piece is made in Hong Kong and the production for this piece has taken more than 3 months.



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