Suns Fei Cui Jade X Sharon Yuen

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[BEE Your Way] Lavender Jade Collection


Spring is purple!


Following the 「BEE Your Way」 Bee Collection in 2021, the Little Bees change a spring and summer new look and debut again with the most beautiful posture in this spring.


Although Bees are small, they are carrying pollen everyday for different plants, and keeping many plants and even animals from becoming extinct, are definitely important in natural.


The lavender jadeite comes from the “Suns Fei Cui Jade”’s own jadeite rough, cross-over with the unique design from Sharon Yuen, become our brand new 「BEE Your Way」collection.  To commemorate the first cooperation and the coming "World Bee Day" on May 20, the works are limited to 30 sets, and part of the profits will be donated to charity after deducting the cost, hoping to bring love to children and animal.


Our little bees not only carry pollen for nature, but also carry love for you!

Those who work hard are the most charming, no matter they are people or bees.


[Remarks : Part of the profits after deducting costs will be donated to the "Children's Cancer Fund" or "Big Tree" to help children or animals in need.  The details and result of the donation will be announced later.]














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