Calla Lily Ring

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The Calla lily flower means Purity, Innocence, and Eternal love.


Such a romantic Calla lily is one of the flowers often used in the bride’s bouquet.  Our friends who like this flower, we have a ring now !


The pure white Calla lily flower fully inlaid with white diamonds, surrounded by a fine Jadeite in green.

The green Jadeite is like being tightly surrounded by love, which is so poetic. In fact, the Calla lily flower is quite easy to grow compared with many orchids, as if to show us that beauty doesn't have to be weak.


The ring is made by 18K gold, and set with 1pc of Natural Green Jadeite (around 16mmx7mm), Natural White Diamonds 0.743ct., Yellow Sapphires 0.07ct.









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