Butterfly's Dance

Posted by admin 20/08/2018 0 Comment(s) Pendant / Brooch,Jadeite Jade,The Art Of Jadeite,

We believe that many of you also like the elegance and charm of butterflies as our designer. 

But the life for butterfly is short, however, she is tough and positive, as she strives to dance and show us her beauty.

In order to enrich the details, and enhance the vividness of butterfly, different colors of Jadeite Jades are applied with Yellow Sapphires and Diamond.

If you look at the details, you will understand the work of our designer, and will see our difference.


The item can be worn as a Pendant or a Brooch.  It set with Jadeite Jades in Green (5pcs), Colorless Icy Jadeite Jades in Cabochon shape (9pcs), Diamonds 1.04ct. and Yellow Sapphires 0.87ct.



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